Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Baby Guard Pool Fence Company warrants to its Dealers and dealers only that Baby Guard products are free of defects in workmanship and materials for a lifetime, effective the day of purchase by the original owner at the original address of installation upon Registration of pool fence.

Even though most laws are put in place to help prevent needless pool accidents, no fencing could ever guarantee a child's safety. Never a leave a child unsupervised with or without a pool safety barrier. Baby Guard pool fencing is not a substitute for adult supervision. Baby Guard recommends that a self closing gate be installed on every pool fence, but Baby Guard and or its dealers can not be responsible for closing gates, sections of fence, or keep gate your closed at all times. Baby Guard and it's dealers will not guarantee that any fence or safety devise can prevent any child, pet or person from drowning or a drowning related accident.

Exclusions To Warranty

1: Vandalism is not covered under this warranty.
2: Improper handling resulting in breakage of this fence mesh or poles are not covered.
3: Adverse weather conditions, i.e. Hail, Rain, Tornado, Hurricane etc. resulting in damage is not covered.
4: Damage to fence due to objects hitting the fence mesh or poles, i.e. Furniture, Pool Equipment, Adults, Toys, & Landscaping are not covered.
5: Sun damage to mesh or poles is not covered, after 5 years
6: Buyer shall, within seventy-two (72) hours from the time of installation of said improvement, notify Dealer in writing for the necessity of making adjustments to said improvement. Failure to notify seller in writing shall constitute acceptance. A service charge may apply after acceptance for adjustments made.


Baby Guard Inc requires a yearly service on all pool fences to maintain this warranty. Failure to service product will void all warranties and purchaser will assume all liabilities. Baby Guard products are non transferable and cannot be resold.

1: Buyer is responsible for washing deck off for any unforeseen sediment within twelve (12) hours of installation.
2: Wash fence with a hose and brush with a mild detergent only.
3: Spray locks with WD-40 monthly.
4: Inspect the fence frequently for any damage which may compromise the safety of the fence.
5: Yearly inspections to insure your fence is safe. (like maintenance on a car it must be done or warranty is voided)



Baby guard does not guarantee or imply that it can prevent any pool accident. WATCH CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES AND MAKE SURE ALL GATES ARE CLOSED, LOCKED, AND COMPLETELY SECURE. In the event of a problem with your fence, Contact your local Dealer to determine if any damage was due to defect. After this determination is made, the part may be replaced or repaired at the seller's discretion if the part is determined to be misused intentionally or accidentally, this warranty does not apply. All determinations are to be made by Baby Guard representatives ONLY. Proper maintenance must be maintained to ensure any claims against this warranty. Below is a maintenance schedule which must be followed. In the event that the fence is not serviced annually, all warranties are voided. In the event that the Baby guard Pool fence is altered in any way all warranties are voided and customer will assume all liability. This fence is non transferable to a new owner of property. In the event that a Dealer is no longer in place please contact Baby Guard Inc at 1-888-919-2229 or Baby Guard will help determine if the fence is under warranty and make available replacement parts.

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